Driver’s Licence

Driver’s Licence

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  1. Israel says:

    Code 10 lessons price

  2. Melissa Daries says:

    Good morning, thank you so much – my daughter came to June’s learner’s lesson on Saturday and successfully passed her learner’s this morning. I would like to enquire whether you offer packages for driving lessons as it would be ideal to get her learning to drive and practicing earliest possible. Many thanks Melissa

    My cell number: 082 545 6998

    • JayZeeA says:

      Hi Melissa so happy to here of your daughters achievement when she is ready for driving lessons please contact our office on 021 7155315 and we’ll gladly make arrangements to get her on the road as soon as possible. With regard to packages we don’t like doing packages but reasons for your peace of mind and ours (we can explain further when you contact us) but we are open to discussing a custom payment arrangement with you when you contact us.
      Kind regards
      The JayZee Team

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