How to select a good driving school

How to select a good driving school

The most common questions we hear as a driving school and in this order are “How much do you charge?” then next “do you have a package?”

The questions you have to ask yourself are these correct questions to ask.
Below is a list of questions that would make more sense to be asked:

• Does the driving school have a fixed address and a landline number?
• Has the driving school been referred to you by someone you know and trust?
• Is the driving school a registered company?
• Does the driving school have more than one car, so that in case there is a problem with one vehicle close to test time, you are able to use one of their other vehicles that are similar?
• Is the driving school’s vehicles road worthy and are you able to use that roadworthy car right through to your test?
• Do the instructors that working for the driving school have valid Instructor’s Certificates?

(2) No person shall employ any other person as an instructor, or make use of any other person’s services as instructor, unless that other person is registered and graded as an instructor in terms of section 28B of Act 93 of 1996 as amended by section 17 of Act 21 of 1999

Ref: (NATIONAL ROAD TRAFFIC AMENDMENT BILL, 2012), Pg 26 (Registration and Grading of Instructors) – National Road Traffic Act

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